Chain Home

How Chain Home powers our insights

We don’t use cookies and we don’t track people across the web once they’ve left your store because we firmly believe in privacy for all, especially your loyal customers.

Other analytics platforms employ tracking pixels (or ‘beacons’) to give you an idea of what your customers and potential customers are doing on your website, how they use it and who made a purchase or nearly made a purchase. When they’re used for their original purpose – to help you understand what’s going on with your online shop – a pixel is enormously helpful to you and we believe in its usefulness.

But, and it’s a big but, when you introduce a tracking pixel to your website that data becomes the property of the company providing you with those insights. They use it various ways that help them rather than you, including to sell for profit and influence your competitors.

At Increasability, we’re calling no more to this practice of data being shared between clients, being owned by anyone other than you and being used for any other purpose, by anybody else other than you to know what’s happening, what works and what doesn’t and how to make your customers happy.

We’re calling it Chain Home, after the revolutionary British early warning radar system built in the 1940s, because that’s what this is… It’s not a ‘beacon’ emitting bright pulses for all to see: it’s a radar, for you to keep track of your ‘airspace’.

With Increasability, your insights are never mixed in with our other clients’ data for any purpose, allowing you to rest assured we’re not using your data to advise any of your competitors.

Chain Home is brought to you by the team at Blue Tahiti.