Why Increasability?

In an increasingly crowded online marketplace with rising digital advertising costs and lower conversion rates, the cost of acquiring new customers is rising. So it makes even more sense to keep your existing customers happy, win their loyalty and grow their value.

Increasability offers e-commerce entrepreneurs, marketers and digital agencies a smart, simple way to increase customer lifetime value through integrated analytics and intelligent insights.

With more features and functionality, more intuitive UX, deeper insights and better day-to-day visibility than any other customer value platform, Increasability offers all you need, all in one place.


Easy and quick to integrate with your marketing stack.


Minimal training needed for you and your team.


Fast, accurate, well-designed reporting that saves you time.


Stable and secure platform from marketing data experts Blue Tahiti.


Protected view of customer with Chain Home.

How will Increasability help me grow?

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Monitor and analyse your store performance in real-time

See what's working and what's not, across all aspects of customer interaction with your store, to find hidden revenue-generating insights and make confident e-commerce decisions. Create drag 'n' drop dashboards and dive into the detail of product performance, orders and cart status, sales funnels, store and website traffic at a glance, all in one place with Increasability.

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Power up your marketing

Increasability's integrated email tool uses all your data to enable powerful segmentation for managed campaigns and email automation. Build your audiences from anywhere in Increasability to create and track targeted, personalised emails that drive sales, encourage loyalty and keep your customers coming back. Push product posts to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with a simple click and track engagement.

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Get to know your customers better

Our data-rich customer profiles give you the insight you need to get a comprehensive understanding of buyer behaviour and shopper journeys - including trend spotting and automatic customer grouping by value. Social media conversion reporting and referrals tracking show you where your customers are and how they're finding you. Plus you can tailor your store landing pages to specific customers to create a personalised experience.

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Increase your customer lifetime value

Review your sales, revenue and campaign progress with fast, intuitive real-time reporting. As Increasability gets to know you, you'll get tailored, relevant suggestions for improving upsell, cross-sell, sales promotions, retargeting and retention - helping you to make informed decisions on how, where and when to invest your efforts. Use in-site product recommendations to grow average cart value and targeted pop-ups to push customers along the sales funnel - plus Reward Better incentives to nurture loyalty.

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